CEO Greeting
Welcome and thank you for visiting
Dae Kong E&C’s website.
Dae Kong E&C will be successfully partner who endeavor and study to provide the best product for customer satisfaction.
Since its founding 1994, Dae Kong E&C has been contributing to national development through the manufacture of petrochemicals, refinery and nonferrous metals plant facilities and the construction. As a result, we have raised our honor by ensouling the development of the plant industry. Based on accumulated technology and know-how in the past, we have been successfully carrying out small and medium scale EPC projects and exporting various equipment to overseas market.
We are achieving accumulation of technology of Pressure vessel, Aluminum silo, Pneumatic conveying system, Electrostatic precipitator, Modularization facility, Rotary hearth furnace, LPG Storage & Supply system, High pressure steam piping, Medium pressure LNG Piping, etc.
Especially, we are capable of designing, manufacturing and constructing with special technology from the technical aspect, and we are also striving to develop eco-friendly future technology.
Now, based on the best quality and technology, Dae Kong E&C is committed to sustainable management and will strive for customer value and better service.

Dae Kong E&C Ltd. President Lee, Seok-Soon